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Enrollment & Admissions

Please choose 1 of the 2 methods below to submit your application.

Apply using the print/scan/email method:

  1. Download the pdf application here
  2. Print the application
  3. Fill out form, scan and send to Rebeca at r.zuniga@criacademy.com
  4. Prepare other documents for submission (Health Form; transcripts and previous report cards; recommendation letters; copy of passport; recent photo passport size)



 Apply using the online form:



If or when available, also submit an alternative emergency number to be used if parents are unreachable. This could be the mobile phone of your nanny, uncle, neighbor etc. This should not be parents’ numbers.


Important for single parents: If you are divorced please submit custody papers of your child.

Will both parents be living full-time in Guanacaste? YesNo




Applying for CRIA: YesNo

Applying for CRIA: YesNo

SCHOOL HISTORY (most recent school first)

Please answer the following questions to help us better understand your child:

Describe your child as a student:

Has your child ever been recommended for, or evaluated, in or out of school for possible learning or behavioral problems? YesNo

If yes, please include details and specific testing information to further assist us.

Has your child even been recommended for or received learning support in any of the previous schools? YesNo

If yes, please indicate details.

Does your child have any special physical, emotional, psychological, or language needs? YesNo

If yes, please indicate details.

Has your child ever repeated a grade? YesNo

If yes, please indicate grade level and a brief explanation.

Has your child ever been suspended or asked to leave a school? YesNo

If yes, please indicate details.

If it is discovered that important educational information has knowingly been withheld at registration, dismissal from school may result. The final decision rests with the Director.

We acknowledge that the School’s rules and policies, as well as its fee structure, change from time to time. Sometimes this is due to external factors such as changes in the law, ministry regulations or guidance or market conditions.