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Teachers with Flair & Understanding
Teachers with Flair & Understanding

Secondary Program

pic-upper-school-cds2The Secondary Program (Grades 7-12) curriculum culminates in a college preparatory Advanced Placement (AP) program. Academic subjects in the middle years provide a pre-AP foundation that prepares students to be successful in high school AP courses. The curriculum foundation is based upon U.S. Standards of Learning in organizing curriculum and planning the content of specific courses. The intent is to make moves into our school and back to the U.S. or other international American Schools as smooth as possible.

The school day consists of six 55 minute periods and two breaks, one in mid-morning and one at mid day for lunch. The day begins at 8:00am with homeroom by grade levels and ends at 3:00pm, followed by after school sports and activities. 

Off campus field studies are an integral part of the Secondary Program. Generally these are planned to extend the curriculum to take advantage of our natural setting in Costa Rica. Community service is a regular feature of the program at every grade level.

pic-upper-school-cdsThe entire campus is a WiFi zone for wireless Internet. The Secondary Program utilizes a Bring Your Own Devise (BYOD) program. A computer lab is also located in the Secondary building. The Secondary science program is supported by fully equipped labs for biology, chemistry, and physics. The school library includes general research materials and books and periodicals for leisure reading.

Electives are offered by each academic area and include Visual Arts and P.E. The Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered each year, depending on student interest and need. These include English Literature and Composition, Calculus, World History, Spanish Language and Culture, Human Geography, macroeconomics, statistics and others.

Other activities include yearbook, newspaper, drama groups, student government, the U.S. National Honor Society, The Model United Nations and various social service and ecological groups.
The school is a center of social and cultural events for our community, and visiting performers, artists, and speakers are featured each year. In the past year, these have included dance and band concerts, drama, Costa Rican cultural shows and internationally known speakers including Dr. Jane Goodall, famed research scientist working with chimpanzees.

Grading Scale:

100-90 89-8079-7069-60Below 60

Minimum High School Graduation Requirements:

CourseGrades TakenUS High School CreditsW/ CR Baccalaureate
Total Academic Credits 2423
Social Studies9-1234
Visual Arts9-1011

Costa Rican Baccalaureate Program:

  • Costa Rican Social Studies
  • Spanish Composition/Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Biology