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Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance

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You are invited to peruse the following CRIA Board Annual Report 2022-23, with academic results and plans for the future.

See the Board Annual Report PDF online version Click here, or you can also upload to your computer the PowerPoint Upload here.

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Under the Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA) Excellence by Design standards, the Board of Directors and the Admin Team have successfully concluded an 18-month self-study process and adopted a new strategic plan for the 2020-27 period. We are focusing on: a comprehensive and exemplary School Health Program, improved numeracy and literacy, and an increase in scores in college level courses through Advanced Placement courses. In addition, CRIA has partnered with two universities to have CRIA students challenge themselves with dual enrollment university courses within the CRIA high school program.

CRIA is fully accredited for the Pre-K to Grade 12 program with the MSA, and we are also accredited by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education (MEP). The MSA has determined that CRIA meets or exceeds all twelve standards for quality schools, exceeding benchmarked expectations 23 times.

Congratulations to our teachers, support staff, administration, parents, students and Board members for such a great achievement!

The strategic plan is in keeping with our mission as a college preparatory school that inspires a passion for learning and develops responsible leaders for the future. The Plan should also help us to achieve our vision of becoming a world class school with high expectations, high performance and accountability. 

As we approach the end of the last two years of managing the school through ever-changing pandemic protocols, we shall resume the annual Board Parent Coffee Morning, scheduled for September 28, 2022 face-to-face on campus. We traditionally schedule the Board Coffee Morning in September each year so we have all new and returning parents able to attend, and we look forward to having time with you post-pandemic!

In addition, we shall resume our normal parent, student, and teacher surveys in November 2022, in preparation for the MSA Mid-Term Report in the spring of 2023.