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Tuition & Fees Policy


See: Mandatory Covid-19 Health Agreement



  • Options #1-3 payments exclude the $1000 mandatory, non-refundable, non-transferable Tuition Fees Deposit. The tuition deposit is paid separately and prior to acceptance each year.
  • *The Early Bird Discount (EBD) provides a 10% discount on tuition fees, net of the $1000 Tuition Fees Deposit, and must be paid by the 15th April for new and returning students. The EBD is not available to those who have scholarship/financial aid/discount provisions in place.
  • **Semester payment plan includes a discount of $100 for the 15th July payment.
  • A sibling discount of 10% for the third child and 20% for the fourth child and above; pertains to the youngest child(ren) enrolled full-time for tuition fees only.
  • Late payments shall incur a 1.5% monthly penalty and will lead to de-enrollment if any portion is unpaid by the last day of each term as per Ministerio de Educacion Publica de Costa Rica decree # 24017.  Term end dates for 2021-22 are found on the School Calendar.
  • All tuition payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.


Tuition Fees Deposit: Toddler-Grade 12

  • Mandatory Tuition Fees deposit for all students Toddler to Grade 12 of $1000
  • Due date for returning students: 15th April prior to the August start date
  • Due date for new students: upon acceptance to secure seat, whether a partial year or full year.
  • Tuition Fees Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable, not prorated for partial year.


New Student Matriculation Fee: Toddler-Grade 12

For new students from overseas or local Costa Rica-based schools, there is a one-time New Student Matriculation Fee per student enrolled. This fee is for new students who are enrolling for one term, one semester or full year.  New Student Matriculation Fees are billed upon acceptance along with the Tuition Fees Deposit and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

New to CRIA? Apply using the online application: Apply Online

For Spanish version, please use the pdf application version:

Download Spanish Version: Formularios de Admisión

  1. Print the application
  2. Fill out form, scan and send to Rebeca Zuniga at r.zuniga@criacademy.com
  3. Prepare other documents for submission (Health Form; transcripts and previous report cards; recommendation letters; copy of passport; recent photo passport size)
  4. For new and returning students, questions on tuition and fees payment plan options should be directed to: m.elizondo@criacademy.com
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