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Bus Transportation

Rules and Regulations

  • Please be at the bus stop on time. The bus has a schedule and cannot wait for students that are late.
  • If your child misses the bus, please do not try to stop the bus in the middle of the road. Go to the next bus stop or bring your child to the school.
  • The bus has an established route, for insurance reasons it cannot vary its route.
  • Students need to travel on the bus they were assigned. The must be on the buses’ list. They cannot change buses.
  • The service is prepaid and it is not refundable.
  • The service is only for CRIA students who have prepaid the bus fee.
  • Parents with children under 6 years old should provide a car seat for the ride in the bus. The seat must be kept in the bus until the end of each semester.
  • All the students have to behave on the bus :
      • Use a seat belt all the times.
      • Never open the windows.
      • Keep head, arms etc. inside the bus.
      • No graffiti.
      • No trash.
      • Proper language (no swearing)
      • Keep T shirts on at all times.
      • Exit the bus using the door.
      • No screaming or yelling.
      • No eating or drinking.
      • No possession of liquor or drugs.
      • No possession of guns, knives, etc.
Any violation of the above rules will be cause for suspension of one or more days, up to the termination of the use of the bus service. The schedule and route will be sent to each parent. If your child is going to be leaving with someone else (a friend's parent, for example), or will not ride their bus because they are going home with someone else, you MUST INFORM your child's classroom teacher by NOON, or send an email to the operations manager.
Price per semester:
1st semester: $710
2nd semester: $920
One semester is the minimum, It must be prepaid to:
Concept: The name of the student / bus service
  Thank you in advance for your cooperation. For information, please contact Vera: v.naranjo@criacademy.com

Vera Naranjo, Operations & Human Resource Manager