Teachers with Flair & Understanding
Teachers with Flair & Understanding
Teachers with Flair & Understanding
Teachers with Flair & Understanding

Visual and Performing Arts


The Visual and Performing Arts department offers students of all grade levels, the space, guidance and materials to express themselves through project-based learning.

Primary Program

Art classes in the primary focus on developing the children’s motor skills through cutting, pasting, learning about primary colors and stimulating their imagination.

Secondary Program

The secondary classes focus on technique, art history and creative expression. Each semester addresses a different medium, like drawing, painting and ceramics, inclusive of performing arts in film production.

Drawing classes review the elements of art,
such as value, proportion,
perspective, depth, negative
and positive space
and gesture drawing.

In painting classes, students learn about color theory and how to make, mix and use colors and brush strokes.

Performing Arts opportunities are enhanced and celebrated by:

  • the annual CRIA Talent Show,
  • the Christmas Show
  • the Independence Day Celebration
  • the Pirate Pride Assemblies
  • International Day Celebration
  • The House System
  • discreet lessons across the grade levels

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Graduation Requirements – 1 credit

Art: These courses offer opportunities to learn, explore, and concentrate on the visual art concepts while including activities in all major areas of art. Critical thinking and expression of ideas in art forms will help students to appreciate the value of art in meeting 21 st century challenges, relate art to life, social and community issues.

Music: In a world where much importance is being attached to 21 st century skills, music courses are ideal settings for the development and broadening of those skills. Music class is both rigorous and stimulating and offer students many opportunities for creative, innovative thinking that encourages problem solving and collaboration.

ART 6-8  


An intermediate course in which students focus on the application and synthesis of previously learned concepts and more complex technical skills as students manipulate the elements of art (color, form, line, shape, space, texture, value) and the principles of design (balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, proportion, rhythm, unity, variety) in the art-making process. Observational and value drawing exercises are expanded. Color studies are reinforced using wet & dry media. Emphasis is on the development of visual language and artistic skills in various media. Creative problem solving and experimentation continue, maintaining a highly individualized response and expression.

ART 9-12




A wide variety of media are presented in this course and may include drawing, printmaking, and painting materials as well as ceramics, textiles and sculpture while exploring both traditional and modern techniques. Students are encouraged to develop individual responses and solutions to the concepts presented in class. Students develop skills in the basics of line, shape, shade and texture in both two dimensional and three- dimensional forms. Art 9-12 is both an academic and practical program. Research involving art movements and artists is integrated with art production.