Teachers with Flair & Understanding
Teachers with Flair & Understanding

Student Government & House System


CRIA Student Government Association (SGA)

pic-student-gov The SGA provides a representative forum for students to promote a healthy school community within a fun and welcoming culture. The SGA is also actively involved in charitable causes to help the school community, the less fortunate within the local community and worldwide. Finally, the SGA organizes recreational events for the entire school, to promote school spirit, while assuring safety for all. To learn more about how you can contribute to the school community through the SGA, please ask your homeroom teacher or the School Director.  


Show your School Spirit and Support your House!

         House teamwork leads to success!


Students in Grades 1 - 12 and teachers are members of one of four houses at CRIA:

Toucans, Sharks, Jaguars, Scorpions 

  The House System connects grades and teachers together to provide them opportunities to build community, and to develop leadership, cooperation, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.    The house system provides an interactive, real world context for students to work together. It:
  • challenges students to unite and collaborate in teams with students not only at the same grade level, but with older or younger students as well; and
  • provides younger students with role models to look up to in the older students and gives older students the opportunity to mentor younger students.